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Before meeting

Efficient planning is the only way to a productive meeting

Built-in booking pages

Reduce time and effort to coordinate schedules and availability

Free up valuable time and focus on what really matters: growing your business. Create unlimited booking pages that are easy to use and provide clear instructions, ensuring that the booking process is accurate and stress-free.

A powerful scheduling platform

Connect you calendar(s) and send personalized invitations

Automate scheduling with different options, fully integrated with your existing calendar(s). Organize a last-minute meeting, schedule recurrent team meetings in advance, and create unlimited bookings pages.

Customizable agenda templates

Make sure every meeting stays on track

Apply a meeting template and have a clear structure to keep your meeting focused, organized, and productive. Keep meeting attendees in the loop by sharing the agenda ahead.

During meeting

Create an immersive meeting experience like no other

Built-in video conferencing

Dual view of video call and content

Enjoy an immersive meeting experience by joining calls using built-in video call. With our dual-view feature, you’ll have your video call and meeting content displayed side by side. Or, choose your familiar video calling tool to schedule and join meetings.

Content management/collaboration

Transform your scribbles into actionable items

Transform your notes into organized agenda items, polls, decisions, and actions, saving valuable time and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Keep the conversation lively and engaging by emojis, comments, and mentions.

Seamless guest experience

Transform your guests into informed collaborators

Guests can access meeting content, be assigned tasks, and easily return to any meeting they were invited to, all without compromising any confidential data or needing access to the company's internal communication tools.

After meeting

Connect your meetings to your business goals

Action tracking

Follow up on meeting outcomes and actions

Track every detail of your meeting outcomes from the dedicated actions page. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and add sub-actions, attachments, comments, and tags. Integrate with other project management tools you're familiar with, to save time and prevent workflow disruptions.

Meeting spaces

Link meetings to projects, teams, committees, or boards

Get insights about meetings ROI by grouping relevant meetings under the same space. Connect your meetings to relevant projects, teams, committees, or boards to get an overview of everything in one place. Your meeting spaces will allow you to eliminate confusion, save time, and increase collaboration.

Adam the AI meeting assistant

Transcripts, summaries, searchable highlights, you name it

Instantly get meeting transcript, smartly highlight key content items, and quickly convert them into actionable items. Generate meeting summary in the form of a ready-made template, with key content items like actions, decisions, or else, and get solid meeting outcomes every single time.

Meeting Minutes

View, download, and send minutes to everyone

Promote accountability among your team, create a clear record for future reference, and share meeting minutes with meeting attendees, guests, and stakeholders directly from your platform.

Jonathan Liang
Success Programs Manager at Cisco
" Decisions & actions Items from various meetings are organized by project and are arranged with timelines so they become me aningful and easier to track, instead of random pieces in a large pool of notes. I have also received appraisals from the well-formatted PDF meeting notes. "


Integrates with your existing tools

Integrate all the tools you already use and are familiar with into your meeting workflow. No more multiple tabs or scattered content.

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