Meet your professional -yet personal- intelligent meeting assistant.


What if the smartest person you know also happens to be your personal assistant? is the sum of thousands of hours of meeting experience, combining the power of both artificial and human intelligence to bring you the future of business meetings, today!

an all-in-one solution.

Seamlessly prepare, capture, communicate and manage your entire meeting workflow. We’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to bring unprecedented efficiency to your workplace.

Capture ideas,as they happen.

Record your meeting in audio so you can play it back whenever needed.

Analyze your ideas into agenda items, actions, decisions, and notes.

Instantly retrieve any information you need from previous meetings.

Find everything you captured on our meeting management platform.

For Project Managers

It’s never been easier to follow up on team progress and action status updates.

Stay organized with a clear meeting workflow to follow.

For CEOs

Stay up to date and monitor your organization’s meetings online while you’re on the go.

Get the valuable insights you need from ongoing reports and statistics.

For Team Members

Access the information you need anytime, anywhere and focus on making better decisions.

Be well prepared for your next meeting and bring out your best performance.


plan & meetanywhere. is also personalized just for you, whether to give you quick briefings about your past or upcoming meetings or help you plan your next meeting on the go. Instantly capture and access the information whenever you need to. Can’t make it to the meeting? Never miss an important meeting again and take part in the discussion online as if there in person.


the world’s first robotin the meeting room. comes to life as the first intelligent meeting assistant for the workplace. Embodied as a robot in your meeting room, can see, hear, communicate and assist you in mastering your meetings. Even more, learns from your enterprise knowledge base and delivers valuable meeting acumen when needed.

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the future of meetingsin your hands today.

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