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Published August 2, 2021


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How Cisco Tech Manager Is Using Meeting Productivity Software

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Abdullah Kamel

How Cisco Tech Manager Is Using Meeting Productivity Software

Having experienced first-hand the difficulties professionals face looking for an all-in-one meeting management software, Cisco's Technical Manager, Jonathan Liang, set out to use, our powerful, meeting productivity software specifically designed to empower professionals in finding clarity within meetings and clarifying tasks' timelines, status, and accountability, in addition to eliminating meeting minutes' ambiguity. All of that while also decreasing meetings burnout.

We got a chance to chat with Jonathan Liang about how he used to enhance meetings, achieve better results on time, improve participation, and provide translucency. This was done with our all-in-one tool that helps his team attend meetings that are productive, where they keep track of their tasks and schedule while following up on those meetings with ease.

Here's what he said.

Can you tell us a little about you and your company?

I'm a technical manager with years of experience in driving change at Cisco, the IT Technology global leader.

How did you find out about and what made you decide to use it?

I lost track of meeting outcomes, and keeping the momentum of various projects has always been hard. I decided to give a chance when it was offered at a competitive price.

What was your workflow like before using 

I wrote notes in various note-taking apps and redistributed these notes manually after meetings. I searched for meetings and their notes only when needed.

What were your needs when you started looking for a meeting management solution?

A place to keep track of all meeting outcomes that the entire project team can share and collaborate on.

How to generate meeting insights

How did you satisfy those needs and did your team meet their goals?

Notes are now written and saved, but that's not it, we can now share it as needed, and the team now has a shared view of the outcomes and the timeline of their assigned tasks, making it easier for them to deliver action items on time, reducing meeting burnouts without losing context.

How to create action items in a meeting

Then Liang added, "We plan to continue using to keep our meetings and projects organized with clear timelines. Meetings became more engaging and easier to track with; a quick glance is enough to capture a project's status; and the team's progress and the well-formatted PDF meeting notes received many appraisals. 

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Abdullah Kamel is the CEO and Co-Founder of He has distinguished himself as a pioneer in the field of meeting management. Recognizing the pervasive inefficiencies plaguing meetings across different industries, Abdullah set out to revolutionize the way organizations run their business through meetings. He innovated as a comprehensive board management solution that integrates every phase of the meeting lifecycle, from the initial scheduling and execution to the crucial meeting follow-up. His approach of creating a user-friendly interface underscores his dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the nuanced needs of modern enterprises. Serving various teams globally, the platform's reach spans the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

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