Published October 31, 2023


3 mins read V4.2 Product Release

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Huda Gamal V4.2 Product Release

We're thrilled to announce the latest update to our meeting management platform, V4.2. This update brings a host of exciting features designed to elevate your meeting experience and take your productivity to new heights. Let's dive right in and explore what's new in V4.2.

1. Integration with Microsoft Exchange Calendar now integrates with Microsoft Exchange calendar. This integration streamlines scheduling process by syncing seamlessly with Exchange calendar. Now, you can effortlessly manage your meetings, appointments, and events all in one place. Take your meetings from mere virtual events to documented knowledge assets connected with your business activities.

Tip. An email is sent to your inbox with every booking you receive through booking page. Go back to your emails for reference at any time.

Read more on our help center: How to Connect Microsoft Exchange to Your Account

2. Two New Meeting Spaces

In V4.2, we've expanded our meeting spaces options to cater to a wider range of organizational needs. In addition to the original Project and Team meeting spaces, we've introduced two new spaces: Committee and Board. Meeting spaces serve as the ideal organizational tool, allowing you to categorize and manage meetings and actions specific to each space. Whether you're collaborating on a project, overseeing team operations, or making crucial decisions at the committee or board level, has the right space for you.

Read more on our help center: How to Create and Manage a Meeting Space

3. Actions CSV Export

Users can now export actions as a CSV file, providing a convenient way to generate reports and analyze meeting outcomes. Whether you need to track progress, monitor task completion, or share updates with stakeholders, our CSV export feature has you covered. Turn meeting data into valuable insights and drive better decision-making within your organization.

Read more on our help center: How to Manage Actions

4. Fully Customizable Branding

Your brand is unique, and now, your meeting management platform can reflect that uniqueness. V4.2 empowers organizations and enterprises to fully customize the platform's look and feel to align with their brand and visual identity. From terminology and color schemes to logos and fonts, tailor to match your brand's essence. Make a lasting impression on every meeting attendee while maintaining a cohesive and professional image. Usage Hacks

Here's a gentle reminder of some usage hacks and tips for a seamless, quick meeting management on

  • Double-click a meeting tile to view, in addition to the usual “View Meeting” button.
  • video conferencing is your default video calling tool for quick meetings. Choose Zoom, Teams, Meet, or other manually from the “Edit” button.
  • Select multiple content items to copy, paste, delete, or else.
  • Add a table as a content item for an extra layer of organization.
  • Remember that you can upload attachments not only to a specific action item, but also to the meeting itself.
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