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Ensuring effective communication, improved planning, and better decision making every single time

Booking pages & invitations
Built-in video conferencing
Content management & collaboration
Action tracking and follow-up
Adam the AI meeting assistant
Booking pages & invitations

Create booking page(s), sync your calendar(s), coordinate schedules, set availability, and send personalized invites.

Built-in video conferencing
Content management & collaboration
Action tracking and follow-up
Adam the AI meeting assistant

Manage the entire meeting lifecycle

Prepare, run, and follow up on productive meetings

Before meeting

Sync, prepare, and invite

With intuitive meeting management platform, sync one or more calendars, create a personalized booking page, and send invitations to your team and guests. Customize a meeting agenda template and instantly share with meeting attendees. Let our meeting management solution take care of the details so you can focus on productive meetings that drive real ROI.

During meeting

Collaborate on and capture content

Collaborate on meeting content in real time side by side with our built-in video call. Our meeting management software includes features to manage meeting knowledge, create polls, assign actions, and make informed decisions. Boost engagement by reacting to, linking, commenting on, and mentioning content items and attendees during your virtual meetings and video conferencing.

After meeting

Reap the benefits of an organized meeting

Streamline your meeting follow-up with a dedicated actions page that ensures no task goes unfinished. Turn meeting outcomes into powerful knowledge assets connected to your business through dashboards and insights. Generate meeting summary and transcript to keep track of clear outcomes. Organize, categorize, and generate insights on meetings and actions related to a specific team or project

Meeting management for all

Smart solutions that fit every business needs


For automation-driven enterprises that need to streamline their meeting workflow, document meeting knowledge, and ensure follow-up on outcomes across the organization.

Small businesses

For cost-conscious small businesses that need an all-in-one solution to manage meetings and their outcomes effectively, integrating tools to save money and time.


For meeting-intensive individuals that need to prepare, run, and follow up on multiple projects and create booking pages that reflect their business image, all at an affordable price.


Integrates with your existing tools

Integrate all the tools you already use and are familiar with into your meeting workflow. No more multiple tabs or scattered content.

Jonathan Liang
Success Programs Manager at Cisco
" Decisions & actions Items from various meetings are organized by project and are arranged with timelines so they become me aningful and easier to track, instead of random pieces in a large pool of notes. I have also received appraisals from the well-formatted PDF meeting notes. "