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meetings, reinvented.

Intelligent meeting management for the modern workplace.


Countless meetings are held everyday in the workplace. Are we truly making the best out of the ideas created within and around these meetings? How can we accumulate knowledge assets that help teams learn faster, make better decisions and achieve more successful projects? That’s where we come in.

meetings for the modern workplace.

We’re building solutions for the workplace of tomorrow, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to bring unprecedented efficiency to meetings held everywhere. Whether you’re part of a small startup or large enterprise, a project manager supervising multiple teams and projects, or a senior executive managing an entire business, is designed to help everyone achieve their goals more effectively.

capture ideas, as they happen.

Seamlessly prepare, capture, communicate and manage your entire meeting workflow. A complete meeting management platform that transforms your meeting intelligence into knowledge assets.

Define agenda items & make sure they finish on time.
Keep track of your actions and stay clear of deadlines.
Keep a visual record of who’s who in large meetings.
Vote collectively on important decisions.

for managers.

Stay up to date and monitor your organization’s meetings online while you’re on the go.  

Get the valuable insights you need from ongoing reports and statistics.

for teams.

It's never been easier to follow up on team progress and action status updates.  

Stay organized with a meeting workflow to follow

for individuals.

Access the information you need anytime, anywhere and focus on making better decisions.  

Be well prepared for your next meeting and bring out your best performance.

coming soon on your mobile.

Get ready for quick briefings about your past or upcoming meetings or plan your next meeting on the go. Instantly capture and access the information whenever you need to. Can’t make it to the meeting? You can still join the discussion online.

Thank you for joining our waitlist.

Thank you for joining our waitlist.