July 19, 2023 9:00pm GMT+3


17 minutes

Streamlining your meeting workflow: tips and techniques with adam.ai

Tired of unproductive meetings? Learn how to streamline your meetings workflow with adam.ai.

Avatar of Mahinour Sabra

Mahinour Sabra

Demand Generation Manager

Meetings are a crucial element of workplace collaboration, yet they often become a drain on productivity and a source of stress. Between overloaded agendas, unclear meeting objectives, off-topic discussions, and poor time management, not to mention last-minute rescheduling, meetings can disrupt workflow and result in employee dissatisfaction.

Don't miss our on-demand webinar as we'll discuss:

  • Why you need to streamline your meetings workflow
  • The use of technology to improve your meetings
  • How to streamline your meetings workflow with adam.ai

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