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Generate meeting minutes automatically

The only meeting minutes tool that allows users to take, generate, approve, and distribute meeting minutes automatically as well as easily.

This meeting minutes generator is only a part of the all-in-one meeting management software, adam.ai, that helps teams manage and capture meeting content strategically, to foster accountability and increase productivity.

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They love our meeting minutes software, and you will too!

Send MoM to attendees for approval or to comment on

Meeting minutes path

Input data, output MoM

You don’t write the minutes in a template; you’re only running your meeting as usual. Then, MoM are automatically generated as a summary of the meeting.

Minutes provisioning

Members view, comment on, discuss, and approve the meeting minutes. MoM are also shared with peers and superiors even before being finally approved.


Minutes approval

Coordinator approves final version of the minutes and shares, prints, or downloads them instantly. An updated version of MoM can be generated after final approval.


Much more than a meeting minutes software!

How leaders in 20+ countries see adam.ai

Enrique Aldaz, CEO and Founder, ABY Group.

"Overall productivity of our meetings has increased by almost 60% since we’ve started using adam.ai as a meeting management tool. Everyone is held accountable for their own decisions, promises, and actions, too.”

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Jeremy Jones, Managing Director, ManagedWP

"We use adam.ai daily, for pretty much every meeting we have. We love using it. It's a great tool to boost efficiency and it makes everything so much easier. Over a period of months, it really cuts down on wasted time."

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Jonathan Liang, Success Programs Manager, Cisco

"Decisions & action items from meetings are organized by project and arranged in timelines so that they become meaningful and easier to track, instead of being random pieces in a large pool of notes."

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Peter Banerjea, Co-founder, Startup Voyager

"Adopting adam.ai into our workflow made everything far more transparent. Our meetings are organized, everyone knows what they’re responsible for, and there’s no confusion over what happened."

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