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Powerful meeting agenda software

Create, collaborate on, and share meeting agendas with your team, set a timer on agenda items, and keep your meetings on track.

This meeting agenda tool is only a part of the all-in-one meeting management software, adam.ai, that helps teams manage and capture meeting content strategically, to foster accountability and increase productivity.

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Create meeting with agenda items to boost team contribution

A meeting agenda software to

Enhance collaboration

Team members are able to discuss and comment on agenda items or suggest new items that meeting coordinator can approve and move to the “Agreed” agenda.

Increase productivity

Setting a timer and being able to start and mark each item as complete keep meetings on track and help teams stay on task and contribute on talking points.


Set expectations

The agenda sets expectations about meeting duration, topics, and purpose. Attendees can also expect their pre- or post-meeting tasks and responsibilities.


How to create a meeting agenda on adam.ai

Much more than a meeting agenda software!

How leaders in 20+ countries see adam.ai

Enrique Aldaz, CEO and Founder, ABY Group

"Overall productivity of our meetings has increased by almost 60% since we’ve started using adam.ai as a meeting management tool. Everyone is held accountable for their own decisions, promises, and actions, too.”

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Jonathan Liang, Success Programs Manager, Cisco

"Decisions & action items from meetings are organized by project and arranged in timelines so that they become meaningful and easier to track, instead of being random pieces in a large pool of notes."

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Peter Banerjea, Co-founder, Startup Voyager

"Adopting adam.ai into our workflow made everything far more transparent. Our meetings are organized, everyone knows what they’re responsible for, and there’s no confusion over what happened at any given time."

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adam.ai integrates with your existing workflow