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Planning is key for every manager. adam.ai helps you manage the flow of knowledge in your team or organization. Prepare and send the agenda in advance to make sure everyone else is prepared too. You can also review agenda items suggested by attendees and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Fully capture your meeting intelligence and even keep a visual record of the attendees’ seating arrangement. Easily add more agenda items, quickly share related documents, take notes, assign and prioritize actions and collectively vote on important decisions.

After the meeting ends, adam.ai automatically generates your meeting minutes so you can effortlessly share it with attendees. You can also prioritize your actions, add checklist to-dos, attach related files and discuss urgent issues in the comments.

A meeting is a shared space and time for everyone to bring their ideas to the table. Make sure you’re well prepared to share your thoughts and suggest agenda topics. Attendees have access to the meeting room beforehand to jot down their initial expectations.

Capture your team’s collective ideas as they happen and easily retrieve them when needed. Whether you’re joining in-person or online remotely, you can view data in the meeting room in real-time, as well as add your own private notes, files and actions.

adam.ai helps you stay focused on your actions and ahead of your deadlines with smart, timely reminders. You’ll find a dedicated page with your pending actions listed. And with all your data linked to specific meetings, you’ll never lose your notes again.

meetings for managers.

Welcome to the meetplace

The meetplace is where it all happens. Meetings are grouped together as projects. Get a bird’s eye view of all the meetings happening across all teams.


Capture your team’s genius

Fully capture your meetings intelligence: set the seating arrangement, record attendance, add agenda items, write notes, assign actions, attach related meeting files and vote on important decisions.


Following up made easy.

Stay up-to-date with your team’s actions without having to ask. Easily allocate them among the team, add detailed checklist to-dos, attach related files and discuss urgent issues in the comments.


You’re always in the loop

Even when you're outside the office or working remotely, you can still view current meetings happening in real-time and be in multiple places at once. Take part in the discussion and approve important decisions being made.


meetings for teams.

Bring your ideas to the table

With a solid agenda at hand before your meetings, you can prepare your thoughts well enough to suggest agenda topics, as well as finalize your previous pending action items and due dates.


Stay focused & productive

Ensure you make the best out of every meeting with timed agenda items, real-time voting on decisions, and private note-taking and to-do’s by all attendees.


Manage your to-do’s anywhere

Get notified of meeting invitations and upcoming action due dates. No micro-management needed; you can manage, prioritize and update your action items as you finish them.


Never misplace your meeting notes again

You’ll find everything where you left it: the meeting room. You can always retrieve any actions and decisions made in past meetings. We’re here to help you go paperless and keep everything organized and accessible from the cloud.


capture ideas as they happen

Agenda items are timed to keep you focused, but you can also suggest else what to discuss.
Record the meeting attendance with a few clicks along with the visual seating arrangement.
Collective decide on important decisions in real-time.
Instantly share relevant documents to the discussion at hand.
Keep track of them and stay clear of deadlines. Jot them privately or get assigned by the team.
Jot down your own to-do’s privately and view the public notes taken in real-time.
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what you gain.

Paperless work. All your data is safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere.

Stronger decision making. When decisions are documented, it’s guaranteed they’ll be firmly grounded and acted upon.

Actionable meetings. With all your knowledge assets linked to meetings, you can make sure that all your organization’s data is made use of.

Everything documented. Everyone will gain the clarity they need once the meetings, actions, notes and decisions are easily captured and retrieved.


adam.ai on your mobile.

Get ready for quick briefings about your past or upcoming meetings or plan your next meeting on the go. Instantly capture and access the information whenever you need to. Can’t make it to the meeting? You can still join the discussion online.

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