Transform yourmeeting content into knowledge assets.
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software works for your enterprise.

Your enterprise meeting content all in one place establishes a single source of truth that captures all of your business decisions, shared agreements, key actions, meeting content and history, so your enterprise knowledge no longer remains scattered between emails, individual silos or multiple transient communication tools.

What does enterprise meeting management provide?

Unify your meeting workflow

Standardize your meeting practices across all your teams and departments, and reach your meeting goals by adhering to a structured meeting workflow. Dedicating a unified space for your meetings can replace countless emails and ensure everyone is on the same page before, during and after every meeting.

Build a shared knowledge base

Create digital rooms for every meeting instead of drowning your teams in emails to find the agenda, private notes or past minutes. Documenting your enterprise knowledge in a shared meeting management platform makes it quickly accessible and searchable by whoever needs it within your organization.

Monitor meetings in real-time

Get a bird’s eye view of all meetings in real-time happening across your teams to help drive your organization’s progress forward. Managing multiple teams and projects is now more convenient with instant remote access to the live updates of the content being generated during these meetings.

What can you do with

Limitless Possibilities

With unlimited meetplaces, projects, members and storage, you can organize your meetings according to the departments, teams and projects in your organizational hierarchy.

Advanced Brand Customization

Get full control over your branding by updating sign-in and system colors or customizing emails and changing the system’s vocabulary tailored to your organization’s brand needs.

Customized Integrations

Integrate with your Active Directory, CRM/ERP and collaboration tools, room booking/audio/video conferencing tools and file storage solutions, or create custom APIs to suit your business logic.

Import Existing Minutes

Have existing meeting data or enterprise meeting templates you already use? imports your knowledge base into the system so you don’t start from scratch or lose data.

Dedicated Cloud or On-premise

Safely and securely deploy the system either via a dedicated cloud instance or on-premise servers, whichever integrates best with your existing infrastructure.

Custom-built Features

Have specific business objectives to measure? Get custom-built dashboards, reporting and metrics based on your organization’s industry, hierarchy and language of use.

Enterprise Onboarding

Our Customer Success team delivers tailored onboarding for your enterprise to suit your existing workflow or help employ meeting best practices that can drive performance forward.