and Fellow for Meeting Management

For 1:1s and team/board meetings, is your much more inclusive fellow app

Built-in booking pages & video conferencing, integrations, meeting templates, content engagement and collaboration, AI-powered meeting assistant, transcription & smart highlights, and more...

Used by +15,000 powerful teams worldwide

Features Comparison for and Fellow for All-in-One Meeting Management


Built-in booking pages

Meeting scheduling and invitations

Two-way sync between calendar and app

Video conferencing

Built-in video conferencing tool, with collaboration features

Simultaneous display of your meeting content and video call

Content collaboration and engagement

Polls and decision management with attachments and context

Apply and customize a meeting template

Use AI-powered meeting assistant to suggest a template, enhance and summarize content, and find action items

Private/group chat among meeting attendees

Take notes during meeting and collaborate with others

Advanced content engagement and collaboration

Meeting recording and transcription

Generate and share meeting minutes after the meeting

Meeting spaces to categorize projects and teams and link relevant meetings/actions/decisions to each

AI powers

AI virtual assistant that attends the meeting when you’re double-booked to automatically take and share notes, even if you can't join the meeting

AI-powered meeting assistant to generate meeting summary and highlight key content items (actions/decisions) after a meeting

AI-powered meeting assistant to suggest/enhance content

Action management

Assigning and following up on actions

Access a dashboard for reviewing actions assigned to you and those assigned to fellow meeting attendees

Manage action details, add sub-actions, relevant attachments, tags, manage delegate, comments, and link actions to relevant content

Send and sync actions with project management tools

In-app and mail notifications and reminders


Integrate with CRM, video conferencing, calendar, project management, and other tools

Custom integrations with any other tool

Additional capabilities

Insights and reports about meetings/projects/teams

Inviting external guests easily, with collaboration permissions and controlled access

User-friendly mobile app

Supports multiple languages, including Arabic

Customer success and support via various channels

Cloud storage

Simple and easy user experience and interface

Branding customizations for logo, colors, terminology, etc.

Flexibility in deployment, including on-prem deployment

All-in-one experience and documentation

A meeting hub for your team/business/enterprise where all content for every meeting held is shared and documented

Document all decisions in one place for accountability and future reference

Document all meeting content in one place that’s shared internally with the team and externally with guests

All-in-one, end-to-end experience for before, during, and after a meeting

System-wide universal search across all meetings content

Pricing and plans

The platform supports businesses of all sizes and teams of any number

Pricing includes the end-to-end meeting experience, content collaboration, video conferencing, booking pages, and AI assistance — for ALL types of meetings (1-1s, team meetings, board meetings, etc.)

What are the key differences between and Fellow?

See how and Fellow compare before making an informed decision


Content collaboration and engagement is much more than a note-taking app. is an intelligent, complete note-taking system, where you can create agenda items, polls, decisions, and actions and have the attendees comment on, react to, and edit each content item, creating a collaborative and engaging experience in the meeting.

AI powers

AI-powered meeting assistant

Use Adam, our AI-powered meeting assistant, to Instantly get meeting transcript, smartly highlight key content items, and quickly convert them into actionable items.
After the meeting, ask Adam the Assistant to generate meeting summary in the form of a ready-made template, with key content items like actions, decisions, or else, and get solid meeting outcomes every single time.

All in one

All-in-one meeting experience

A true all-in-one meeting experience takes you on a seamless journey from scheduling to running and follow-up.

After scheduling your meetings on synced calendars or through creating a booking page, takes you to customizing a meeting template using’s AI-powered features to enhance content or suggest an agenda, recording all meeting insights in the content space with real-time collaboration from attendees, and following up on actions, providing you with maximum control over the meeting lifecycle before, during, and after the meeting.

Jonathan Liang
Success Programs Manager at Cisco
" Decisions & actions Items from various meetings are organized by project and are arranged with timelines so they become me aningful and easier to track, instead of random pieces in a large pool of notes. I have also received appraisals from the well-formatted PDF meeting notes. "

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